Weed Control in Anthem, AZ


In order to meet the growing demand for weed prevention, Titan Pest Control began offering our 14-step Annual Weed Control Program in 2000. This monthly treatment is designed to keep all non-turf, landscaped areas weed free.

Twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, a liquid pre-emergent application is applied to all non-turf areas in your landscape. The reason for this timing is that weed seeds germinate when soil temperatures are right. Soil temperatures are governed by nighttime temperatures and dictated by how many daylight hours there are in each day. On or about March 23 every year, the amount of minutes of daylight exceeds the amount of darkness – this is when the summer weed seeds start to germinate. Conversely around September 23 each year, the nighttime begins to be longer than the daylight, which then stimulates winter weed seed growth.

On a monthly basis, Titan Pest Control sends out a technician to spot spray any weeds that break through the pre-emergent barrier. It is inevitable that some weeds will get through the barrier, and it is important to treat them soon before they can set a flower/seed head, which can promote additional weed growth.

This service is $295 per year for most neighborhood yard sizes in North Phoenix. If you feel your yard may be an oversized lot, we can have someone come out to your house to give you a customized estimate for our Weed Program. We have hundreds of customers who have had our weed program for years and renew each year due to the success and effectiveness.

Pre-emergent Weed Control: FAQs

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