Titan Pest Control Has Merged With Northwest Exterminating
To Our Valued Customers

As President of Northwest Exterminating, I’m pleased and excited to announce the merger of Titan Pest Control and Northwest Exterminating!

By uniting these two world-class organizations, it gives us the ability to better serve both of our customer bases by giving us increased density and the ability to quickly respond to any service needs you may have.

  • Your services will be provided in the same friendly, professional manner.
  • Normally scheduled visits, total client satisfaction, and access to customer service specialists will remain the same.
  • Local team members will continue to service your account. The team is staying in place, we’ll be operating just down the road off Happy Valley and Hwy 17, we are just part of a bigger family now!
  • Your same local service team and communications specialists are available to answer any questions or concerns at 623-257-8766.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you on the foundation of trust and respect that the Titan Pest Control team established over their years of excellent service. We will continue to earn your business every day, with every service we perform.  I have included a handful of frequently asked questions I hope you find helpful.  Should you need more information regarding your service, feel free to give us a call at 623-257-8766.

Dena Berg 
President, Northwest Exterminating

Contact Information At Your Fingertips

Payment Mailing Address
Titan Pest Control /Northwest Exterminating
24825 N 16th Ave Ste. 140
Phoenix AZ 85085
623 879 8700




Do you have a customer portal?

Yes, any previous payment options and/or arrangements made with Titan Pest Control will continue to be honored. There will be a short disruption to accessing the online customer portal.  We will send communications as soon as the portal is made available with directions on how to access and update. 

An email will be sent shortly after the week of August 22, 2023 with your new Northwest Exterminating account number which you will need to gain access. Our secure, easy-to-use customer portal gives you 24/7 access to:
• Pay bills securely
• Manage credit cards
• Request service
• View upcoming service
• View account documents


How do I contact you if I need service?

You can reach us at 623-879-8700. You will likely reach one of the friendly Titan Pest Control customer service representatives that you are used to speaking with!


I have a termite warranty with Titan Pest Control, will my warranty be honored?

Yes, written termite warranties will be honored for the length of time stated on agreement

I have my account set up for automatic payment. Will that continue?

Yes, your regularly scheduled payments will continue with your normal schedule.

I usually mail in payments for service. Where do I send payments now?

Please mail payments to the address listed below.  

Payment Mailing Address
Titan Pest Control /Northwest Exterminating
24825 N 16th Ave Ste. 140
Phoenix AZ 85085


When is the merger effective?

Titan Pest Control and Northwest Exterminating merged on August 22, 2023.


Will I receive other benefits as a Northwest Exterminating customer?

Yes! You now have access to all our services including our exclusive SMART eco-friendly rodent control with digital monitoring, our Desert Guard home seal service, Termidor HP2 No Drilling termite treatments, Trelona Termite Baiting System, as well as a variety of pest control programs to meet your needs.  You can also take advantage of our customer referral program and save money on future services, as well as receive discount offers for our loyal customers!

Will my service stay the same?

Yes, any service you have with Titan Pest Control will stay the same.