Ant Control in Anthem, AZ


With temperatures warming up there are several bugs that will begin to appear both inside and outside your home. One of the most common pests is the ant. When you first see an ant infestation, I know you will be tempted to grab the Raid or some other over the counter product and begin to spray away but this will usually make things worse. These store bought products will kill some of the ants but may also cause the ants to break into smaller colonies and will then be harder to eliminate. This ability to split off into sub-colonies is called “budding”. In order to completely get rid of your ant infestation you need to eliminate all of the colonies and all of the reproductive individuals within the colonies.

Eliminate Ant Infestations

To eliminate an ant infestation it requires patience and the use of non-repellent baits and non-repellent residual insecticides. By using these types of products, we are able to take advantage of one of the ant’s most endearing qualities, which is their penchant for taking care of each other. Ants are constantly grooming each other and passing chemicals back and forth in order to communicate. These types of activities are vital to the overall health and wellbeing of the colony. By using bait or a non-repellent insecticide, we are able to let the ants pass these intoxicants throughout the colony without the ants knowing what they are doing. Great control can be achieved using this strategy and by using products that can and will easily be transferred throughout the colony by multiple individuals.

The best results can be achieved by applying these products near or directly on the pathways or trails that are being used by the ants to migrate throughout your house or yard. Most ants will lay down a chemical trail which makes it easy for other individuals in the ant colony to know where to go in order to find food, water, or just to find their way back home. There are several different kinds of ants that can infest your property and there are many different products that work better than others on certain species of ants at different times during the year.

Trust Titan Pest Control for Ant Control

It’s important to properly identify what type of ant you're dealing with and to understand the particular traits and habits associated with the ant species you are dealing with. Feel free to call us if you find your home or yard inhabited with unwanted ants. Ant infestations will only grow over time if they are not controlled and at some point they will affect your family’s comfort and well-being.

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