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termite swarmers near Phoenix home
June 5, 2024

When Does Termite Season Start In Phoenix?

Termite season doesn't look like much of anything. Termites aren't obvious, like…
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harvester ants in maricopa county arizona
May 3, 2024

3 Ants You’re Likely To See In Maricopa County

If you've ever found yourself battling tiny invaders in your home, you're not…
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bark scorpion in maricopa county az
May 3, 2024

Maricopa County Residents Can Expect To See Scorpions

The National Pest Management Association publishes its Bug Barometer twice a…
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termite mud tube on phoenix home
April 20, 2024

Does Phoenix Have A Termite Problem?

Thanks to our warm, arid climate, termites are a serious threat to homes and…
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