When Does Termite Season Start In Phoenix?

Termite season doesn't look like much of anything. Termites aren't obvious, like ants and other insects. They don't crawl all over the place and drive you crazy. Mostly, they stay hidden in the ground or inside the wood structures they're feeding on. If you don't want termites to feed on your home or business, we have some tips to help you keep these pests out.

termite swarmers near Phoenix home

When is termite season in Phoenix?

Termites in Phoenix rarely stop. They are a year-round threat in Arizona. However, that threat increases when heat and moisture levels increase in spring, summer, and fall. These wood-destroying insects need warmth and moisture to operate like well-oiled machines.

The sign that termite season has begun

When termites ramp up their activity level, you have a chance to detect them. Mature nests will send out a unique kind of termite called a swarmer. These are male and female reproductives. Here are a few quick facts you should know about swarmers:

  • Swarmers have long wings (for their size). The wings hang well past the end of the abdomen.
  • Swarmers are around ⅜ of an inch long.
  • Unlike worker termites, a swarmer is black or dark orange. Workers are milky white.
  • The wings of a termite swarmer stack on the back and do not have a cleft at the wing tips, like the wings of an ant.
  • Swarmers gather into a swarm during the nuptial flight, which is why they're called swarmers. You may find reproductive termites flying or crawling around together in your yard or, worse, in your structure.

Why termite swarmers are hard to detect

  • A termite nest must reach a certain before it can send swarmers out and only well-established colonies do so. It’s not a quick process and can take years.
  • Termite swarmers typically appear in spring. You're not likely to see them during the rest of the year.
  • Termite swarms don't last long. Most dissipate in a matter of minutes.

What should you do about termite swarmers?

When you see termite swarmers on your property or inside your structure, it is time to contact a pest control company that specializes in termite control. Swarmers don't travel far from their nests, so you could have a nest on or near your property. You want to do something about that.

How to prevent termite problems

Long before you see swarmers, termite workers can tunnel into your yard. They don't choose every property equally. There are factors that invite a termite problem. Here are a few suggestions to help you deter termites:

  • Remove all wood from the soil in your yard.
  • Pick up organic debris to prevent above-ground shade, which termite workers hide under.
  • Give your plants only the amount of water necessary for healthy growth.
  • Address any moisture problems, such as damaged sprinklers.
  • Refrain from burying wood in your yard.
  • Store miscellaneous belongings inside containers because termites feed on books, documents, cardboard boxes, and other items that contain cellulose.

Removing attractants is a smart first step toward termite prevention, but the best way to protect against these wood-destroying insects is with the help of professional exterminators.

Expert termite control in Phoenix & Maricopa County, AZ 

Your property is one of the largest investments you'll ever make. The thought of termites eroding that investment can cause stress. But you don't have to worry. Professional termite control and prevention provides proven protection and can include a warranty. Here are a few ways Titan Pest Control helps property owners eliminate termite activity.

  • We inspect your property and search for evidence of activity, conducive conditions, and other factors.
  • We suggest industry-leading control solutions that are appropriate for your specific needs.
  • We may install a termite bait solution for detection and colony elimination. Termite bait is stored in ground stations where termites can collect the bait and bring it back to their colonies. Your technician will check these stations and manage the bait for effective control.
  • We may apply a liquid termite treatment around the structures on your property. Your certified technician will install the control material into the soil. The professional-grade product we install is undetectable to termites. That means termites can't avoid it. They pass through it and share the material with other termites when they groom, leading to colony elimination.

Are you in the Phoenix Metro and looking for help getting rid of termites? Contact Titan Pest Control for a termite inspection. We look forward to helping you guard your property against termite damage.


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