Termite Control in North Metro Phoenix, AZ


Subterranean Termites

There are approximately 3 million subterranean termites per acre in North Phoenix neighborhoods. These insects are actually beneficial in nature, but can be very damaging to your home, especially if your home is of the frame/stucco variety. Most newer neighborhoods are built using frame/stucco construction.

Titan offers the following Termite Services.

Termite Inspections

We offer termite inspections for real estate transactions. These inspections are summarized in a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report approved by the Arizona Department of Agriculture. This report meets the criteria for most lenders and title companies. If a WDIIR is not needed, Titan Pest Control will do a FREE termite inspection for any home in our designated service area.

Termite Warranty

Termite warranties are very beneficial in Arizona. More times than not, a home in this area will get termites. If your home is under a termite warranty with Titan Pest Control than there is never a charge for any subterranean termite treatment. In some cases, termite treatments can cost $1,000 or more. A Titan Pest Control warranty will only cost a fraction of that on an annual basis and includes a free yearly inspection. At Titan Pest Control, we know from years of experience that a proactive approach to termite management is much better and less expensive than a reactive approach.

Termite Treatments

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Titan Pest Control is able to treat any commercial or residential structure for termites. We only use the best products on the market and we offer warranties with every treatment. Our goal is to provide complete termite elimination and complete customer satisfaction.

We use the best products to treat your home, like Termidor. Termidor is a non-repellent termiticide, which means that the foraging termites are not able to see, smell or feel the insecticide when they crawl through the treated areas. When a termite comes in contact with Termidor, it unknowingly transfers the chemical back to the colony on its body. Every other termite they come in contact with will get a dose of this product. Most, if not all, of the infected termites will die. This is the most comprehensive way to eliminate termites colonies from your property . The treatment works immediately, is non-odorous and is safe for your household pets and plants.


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