Pest Control in Anthem, AZ

One of the reasons you may have chosen to live in Arizona is the beautiful weather. Many animals we consider pests happen to like it too! These undesirable critters include ants, roaches, crickets, scorpions and rodents such as mice and pack rats. We at Titan Pest Control have 25-plus years in the pest control industry, which has given us the experience to create complete and safeguarded pest programs for virtually any situation.

Safety First

Titan Pest Control uses products and treatments that are very low in toxicity to people and pets. We understand that pest control services provided in homes and businesses can be a very sensitive activity and that it is critical that the utmost care and attention to detail is adhered to at all times. Our technicians are State Certified and participate in regular training sessions in such areas as: product knowledge, application techniques, safety and customer service.

beBotanical Pesticide Solution

In addition to our traditional pest control service, we also offer a botanical pesticide solution for customers looking for a more natural approach to discouraging pests.

EcoSMART’s plant oil active ingredients target and block a key neurotransmitter receptor site for octopamine, which is found only in invertebrates (i.e. insects).

Mammals do not have receptors for octopamine, so EcoSMART’s plant oils have no adverse effect on them. Additionally, many of the plant oils used are classified as “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) and/or are approved for food and beverage consumption by the U.S. FDA.

EcoSMART’s botanical products are as effective as conventional pesticides, providing both quick knockdown and control against a wide variety of indoor and outdoor pests.

scorpWhen You Use Titan Pest Control You’ll Be Happy to Know that We Have No Contracts or Start-up Fees

When we started Titan Pest Control, yearly contracts and “initial treatment fees” were the normal protocol for other pest control companies. Our desire was to create a friendly neighborhood service that did not obligate our customers to large financial commitments. We thought a better business model would be for our customers to have the freedom to decide how often throughout the year we treated their property. As it has turned out, most customers have us treat their homes and businesses on a monthly basis and in several cases take advantage of our annual pre-payment discounts.

The most successful way to eliminate pests is to have an ongoing monthly maintenance program, which includes not only monthly treatments, but also constant communication with our customers regarding the elimination of environments that are prime for pest activity. We are firm believers in the many benefits of IPM which stands for Integrated Pest Management. The answer to a pest problem does not rely solely on the application of pesticides but it also involves partnering with our customers to educate them on minimizing or eliminating conducive conditions in and around their homes or businesses that are contributing to any given pest’s success.

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