West Wing, AZ Pest Control

West Wing is one of the most desirable places to live in Peoria. As part of the North Phoenix metro area, West Wing boasts some of the most beautiful Spanish-style homes with desert landscaping or greenery. The humans, food, and vegetation in the area create an oasis for pests in the desert climate.


Most of the ants in the area are smaller types that enter your home searching for any form of food. They can get into containers, which means that you may lose hundreds of dollars in destroyed groceries. Some ants also bite people and cause itchy bumps. Fire ants are common outdoors. When you inadvertently approach them, they are known to sting aggressively as a group, and their venom may cause a severe allergic reaction. Carpenter ants are large and are usually found in trees or along eaves. They eat anything from aphids to garbage. However, these ants chew and destroy wood to create their homes. Argentine ants destroy other ant colonies that may otherwise keep plant-destroying pest populations low, which spells trouble for your beautiful landscaping or garden.


These blood-sucking pests are known for carrying a variety of harmful illnesses. Dengue and yellow fever are rare. However, West Nile, Zika and Jamestown Canyon viruses are more common. Zika is risky for unborn fetuses of infected mothers. If affected babies are born with microcephaly because of the virus, they will have impaired cognitive function and an unusually small head. West Nile virus causes long-lasting fatigue and flu-like symptoms. Jamestown Canyon virus may produce similar effects along with meningitis. Mosquito bites also cause several forms of dangerous encephalitis. It is crucial to keep all sources of standing water drained. Although using proper pest repellent and citronella outdoors may help, only professional pest control provides long-lasting effects.

General Pest Control

At Titan Pest Control, we use botanical solutions to minimize the risks to you, your pets and the environment. Our general treatments target pests such as earwigs, rodents, fleas, ticks, spiders and several others. We also use integrated pest management or IPM. This method focuses on keeping pest populations to a minimum rather than completely destroying them. When they are controlled, pests should not be problematic to your home or vegetation. Some pests such as spiders and ants feed on plant-destroying bugs that could kill your garden. With IPM, we also identify sources of attraction to certain pests on your property. For example, leaky sprinkler heads may be attracting mosquitoes. We educate you on how to prevent future problems.

When you notice any type of pest becoming problematic in your yard or home, call us for quick and effective service. Our company has been in business for over 25 years. We proudly serve the Phoenix metro area, and we stand behind all of our high-quality services. Please call Titan Pest Control today for a free quote or to learn more about our innovative pest control methods.

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