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Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Look for these familiar faces during your next pest control appointment with Titan.

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Meet Robert

  • Hobby: I enjoy hiking, camping, and outdoor activities
  • Memory: My father teaching me how to fish, ride a bike and how to be a good man.
  • Unique birthplace: Jefferson City, Missouri.
  • Unique fact: I am a very big animal lover. Dogs are my favorite. I am very creative and can do just about anything artistic.
  • Favorite Movie/TV: Game Of Thrones
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Meet Thomas

  • Astrological Sign: Virgo.
  • Hobby: Camping, fishing and being outdoors.
  • Family: I have a seven year old son who I love dearly.
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Meet Shawn

  • I love to hike, fish, explore the willd outdoors
  • Favorite Holiday: Easter.
  • Favorite color: Blue.

Meet Jessica

  • Hobbies: Spending time with my Yorki Bentley and family/friends, gym, shopping, movies, and traveling
  • Favorite Childhood Memory: Going out to my aunt and uncles farm in North Dakota and having fun
  • Birthplace: Minot, North Dakota
  • Unique Fact: First one in my family to graduate college
  • Favorite Movie/TV: Titanic
  • Favorite Sports Team: Arizona Cardinals

Meet Dustin

  • Unique Fact: Loves anything with a motor, hiking and mountain biking.

Meet Michael

  • Hobby: Video games and writing.
  • Birthplace: Bronx.
  • Memory: Going to the beach.
  • Unique fact: Goes to Comicon.
  • Sports team: Manchester United.
  • Favorite movie: Idiocrasy.

Meet Brittany

  • Hobbies: Hiking, surfing, skimboarding, snowboarding, almost anything that involves being outside.
  • Favorite Childhood Memory: Spending time with my grandma.
  • Birthplace: Warren, Ohio
  • Unique Fact: I love studying the weather. I'm going to school to become a meteorologist
  • Favorite Movie: 2012
  • Favorite Sports Team: Pittsburgh Steelers!

Meet Steve

  • Birthplace: Arizona Native
  • Family: Married 26 years with 2 kids and 2 dogs. Dogs still at home.
  • Unique Fact: Served his country in Navy until 1989, worked as a mechanic until 2000, in pest Control since 2000.
  • Hobbies: Camping, Fishing or Golfing

Meet Codie

  • Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Favorite Food: Mexican food.
  • Hobby: Listening to music.

Meet Michael

  • Favorite Sports team: Loves The Arizona Wildcats.
  • Hobby: Loves to camp and loves to cook out (grill).

Meet Wendell

  • Hobby: Making bottle lights.
  • Memory: Moving from New York to Tennessee after living in NY for 40 years. Then moved to Arizona almost 2 years later.
  • Birthplace: Rome, NY, home of Fort Stanwix.
  • Unique Fact: 1 of 6 sons.
  • Favorite Sports Team: NY Giants.
  • Favorite Movie/TV: 300.
Michael L

Meet Michael L

  • Birthplace: Miami, FL
  • Family: Married 6 years with 2 kids
  • Hobbies: Salt Water Reef Keeping
  • Unique Fact: Can wiggle his ears

Meet Ann

  • Hobby: Spending time with Husband going on Jeep Adventures around AZ.
  • Memory: Meeting my husband at NAU.
  • Unique Birthplace: St Louis, MO.
  • Unique Fact: Grew Up in Air Force Family. Spent time in Hawaii and Korea.
  • Favorite Sports Team: NY Yankees and NY Giants.
  • Favorite Movie/TV: When Harry Met Sally/Game of Thrones (currently).

Meet Cliah

  • Hobby: Park time with my little ones and going shooting.
  • Memory: Special moments with each of my kids
  • Unique Birthplace: Phoenix, AZ.
  • Unique Fact: Obsessed with Dr. Pepper.
  • Favorite Sports Team: Phoenix Coyotes.
  • Favorite Movie/TV: Pearl Harbor.

Meet Nicole

  • Hobby: Outdoor adventures.
  • Memory: Going to Rocky Point with my family.
  • Unique Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Unique Fact: Double jointed.
  • Favorite Sports Team: Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns, of course!.
  • Favorite Movie/TV: The Notebook, 20/20, How I Met Your Mother.


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