New River, AZ Pest Control

stinging plNew River sits quietly to the north of Phoenix, providing residents with a quaint place to call home. The city's positioned in the perfect spot for boating and hiking as it's fixed between the Tonto National Forest and Lake Pleasant Regional Park. Though the surrounding nature makes New River a wonderful place in which to live, it's bombarded by pests on all sides. Titan Pest Control is here to help eliminate stubborn pests and to improve your living conditions in The Copper State.

General Pest Control

Pests invade homes wherever there's an entry point. It could be a gap around a dryer vent or the space beneath the front door. If there's a crack or a crevice, pests such as roaches, ants, and rodents will find them. Other pests also cause trouble for residents such as silverfish, wasps, and scorpions. Our experienced technicians use the industry's most effective products to eliminate pests and to prevent them from invading your home.

Termite Control

Termites have no regard for personal property. Because they feed on wood, they'll attack everything from wooden lawn furniture to decks and fences. Their colonies include thousands of members, each one causing massive damage to your home or wooden objects on your property. In fact, these wood-destroying insects cause more than a billion dollars in damages every year in the United States. Our professional technicians specialize in termite control and treat devastating infestations with Termidor. We can also set up a customized treatment program to prevent the pests from returning.

Weed Control

Weeds are turf pests and rob your lawn of vital water and nutrients. They strangle the underlying roots and prevent the grass from growing. Weeds spread quickly and can take over an entire yard in a matter of weeks. Even if you treat your lawn with an over-the-counter weed control product, more weeds will pop up within days. The wind, birds and other animals deposit seeds in your lawn and repeat the cycle. We provide a 14-step weed control program that kills weeds and prevents germination on your property.

Affordable Pest Control

Contact Titan Pest Control in New River, Arizona, to receive your free quote and to schedule a pest inspection. We not only eliminate pest insects and rodents inside and outside of your home; we also eradicate bothersome weeds that ruin your landscape and bring down your property value. Taking your time to treat a pest infestation will only cause a more serious problem later. Our licensed and professional technicians can arrive quickly, inspect your entire property and eliminate the pests on sight, giving you a pest-free home and lawn no matter the season.