Bee Control in Anthem, AZ


We always start the conversation about bees with the important fact that they are quite possibly the most important members of the Animal Kingdom due to their ability to pollinate plants. That being said, it can be unnerving to have a hive in the walls of your home or somewhere in your yard.

Our approach to bee eradication starts with a judicial assessment of the bee activity and location. Sometimes, during certain times of the year, bees will swarm and land in a tree , on the side of a house, etc. and they have no intention of creating a hive in that location. They are just resting, until they are able to find a permanent home.

If this happens we always advise our customers to wait a few days ( as long as the resting place is in a low traffic area) and see if the bees move along. If a hive is present then we will eliminate the colony. We are always happy to send a Team Member to your property in order to determine if action is necessary.

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