Anthem, AZ Pest Control

Each season brings its own variety of pests, weeds or both. If you live in Anthem or the North Phoenix metro area and own a home or business, weeds and pests are important considerations. They can damage plants, trees, buildings and even people. If you own a business, some pests can damage your reputation as a company as well. Titan Pest Control can help you eliminate problematic pests and weeds.

Termite Control

Termites are one of the most destructive types of pests. There are both drywood and dampwood termites. Drywood termites are the ones that destroy anything from support beams to wallpaper and paper products. Dampwood termites are usually found in trees and bushes. However, they are attracted to wood in buildings when it becomes moist. These pests are small and can enter homes by burrowing underground or crawling through cracks and crevices above ground.

Although termites are elusive and usually remain well-hidden until an infestation is out of control, you can look for them by checking for dirt tubes along outside walls near the ground. You may notice that wood that should sound solid sounds hollow instead when you tap it. If there are jagged lines through wood or if it has a gnawed appearance, this may be a sign of termites. You may also see piles of shed wings when there are swarms nearby. Subterranean termites are especially destructive because their colonies grow quickly. We can promptly remove infestations and provide regular preventative treatments.

Weed Control

In addition to making your property a neighborhood eyesore, weeds can destroy decorative or useful plants. Some weeds can take over areas of your lawn if they are not removed quickly. Dandelion weeds spread quickly, and the seeds can be spread to a neighbor's lawn on a windy day. Our control plan includes a barrier treatment that is administered semi-annually. While this prevents most weeds, the ones that get past it will be treated quickly. We send out technicians to spot-treat stubborn weeds each month. Our affordable yearly rate saves you time and keeps you out of the hot sun during the summer.

Anthem Pest Control

If you have ants or German cockroaches in your home or business, it is important to remove them quickly. They spread bacteria and are unsightly enough to scare away customers in a business. Also, they are known to invade your food supply. The same is true with mice and rats, and their droppings and urine make your home or business unsanitary. We can also relocate beehives and remove wasps. We provide preventative mosquito, flea and tick treatments to keep your yard or business property comfortable.

At Titan Pest Control, we take pride in our botanical pest treatments. Our goal is to minimize toxicity and maximize safety. We do not require you to sign a contract for our services, and there are no startup fees. If you have an infestation or need preventative pest treatments, contact us for a free estimate.